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The Stone of Disaster was a myth told by the ancient echidnas that said there was a mysterious crimson colored stone that if possessed, the lost soul from a entity known as Zalgo would unleash.. One day at a regular walk at the Angel Island, Sonic was looking inside some ancient caves, with the hope to find a Chaos Emerald. Unfortunately he found something else.. He found the Stone of Disaster.. And after possessing Sonic, it started doing chaos through the island. Shadow and Rouge discovers that actually it is the stone that is controlling Sonic's mind, and he was heading to the Hidden Palace to ruin the entire place and have control of the Master Emerald. And then, the nightmare was about to begin..


Arrow Keys - Move

Z-Key - Jump

Character Skills:

Shadow Skill:
Up Arrow + X = Energy Blast

Rouge Skills:
Up Arrow + X = Blast Rain
Down Arrow + X = Spiral Blast

I hope you enjoy the game,

Happy Halloween! ;D


Stone of Disaster - v1.0.exe 47 MB

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Hello there. I played your game and I think it's good. But I don't like the final boss. Like not at all.

I'm think, 1 episode was is too easy. Make harder other episodes. 

I'm gonna do a Difficult Select in Episode 2! ;D So the player will be able to change the "Damage Meter Multiplier"

I loved it. I think this game is what the sonic.exe games need right now. Really fresh. Looking forward to episode 2

Oh, hey there LiNX! The episode 2 probably comes out in a couple of months, i wanna released it before the end of the year ;D Thanks a lot for playing Stone of Disaster, i really appreciate it! ;D

Thanks to you now I played it,this is so cool.

Cool game! The sounds and graphics were great and I think the level design was good, too. A couple suggestions: the camera was a little dizzying when I turn the character left and right quickly. And I couldn't figure out how to close the game when I was done playing. But nice job!

Hey! Thanks for playing "Stone of Disaster", i really hope you liked it, to close the game, you just need to go to the menu and select "Exit Game" or simply press Alt+F4 hehe, the opinion really help a lot to improve in the sequels ;D